Great Steak & Potato About Us


It’s 1930. A hot dog vendor, working in Philadelphia’s Little Italy, looks at his cart and thinks, “Hot dogs for lunch again?” Instead, he buys some sliced steak, grills it up with onions and loads it on a bun. He’s about to dig in when a hungry cabbie offers him a nickel for it, and the first-ever cheesesteak is born. So thanks, hot dog vendor guy. He gets the credit, and you get a juicy, made-to-order cheesesteak from Great Steak.

Fast-forward to 1982. On a visit to Philadelphia, two brothers from Ohio fall in love with the cheesesteak and are determined to bring that same delectable experience to the rest of the country. Founded in Dayton, Ohio, Great Steak quickly expands to five locations throughout the state. Three years later, the founders roll out their first franchise.

Today we’re proud to carry on the tradition of the distinctive, unforgettable, nothing-like-it cheesesteak.

Great Steak - Our History