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Thank you for your interest in Great Steak. While our primary focus has been serving customers across the United States, we have now begun the process of sharing Great Steak with the rest of the world!

Our domestic U.S. franchise development model is highly selective with respect to whom we grant franchises. Franchisees must not only possess the requisite business acumen, managerial skills, leadership, resources, and experience, but they must also be passionate about our concept! Yet we require even more of our international partners.

We are looking for the most experienced restaurant operators and retailers in the world. We believe that combining our know-how with our partner's unique knowledge of their country's culture and retail community creates the best recipe for success. We seek something truly exceptional when it comes to our partners abroad. Our international development requires a high level of diligence and we appreciate your patience and commitment throughout the process.

What attributes make the right international partner for Great Steak?

We're looking for companies with experienced management that can grow the franchise organization within their country. We want partners that share our passion for serving the highest quality cheesesteaks and exceeding our customer expectations. And lastly, we’re looking for a commitment to develop a minimum of 15 Great Steak stores.

Your company should have the expertise, the team, and the resources necessary to support our brand – and stores – abroad. Ideal companies are those that:

Are already involved in the quick service food business with a minimum 7-10 years of experience.

  • Currently have 30+ stores operating (multiple concepts a plus).
  • Possess experience serving the same type of customers who frequent Great Steak.
  • Have successfully run other franchise concepts.
  • Fully understand import and export regulations for your country and the U.S.
  • Have a minimum of $2,000,000 working capital for this project.

If you feel that you, your company, or your partners have the experience, resources, and passion to become one of Great Steak’s Master Franchisees, please submit an International Business Application.

Thank you for your interest in introducing Great Steak to the world!



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"Great Steak is a franchise that has provided continued support and the necessary tools to promote excellent team work and strong relationships, which have helped me run an effective business during my first year."

- Cindy Kang, CA

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