Great Steak & Potato Trivia Day


Happy National Trivia Day!
January 4th is a day to enjoy trivia facts, so your favorite Cheesesteak & Potato Co. (That's us, Great Steak!) has put together some interesting facts for you to enjoy on this special day!

• The original Philly Cheesesteak was invented in 1930.

• The average American eats approximately 126 pounds of potatoes each year.

• The largest Cheesesteak ever made was 480 feet long!

• Idaho is the 'Land of Famous Potatoes'

• The traditional cheese of choice in a Cheesesteak in cheese whiz, but Provolone and American are growing in popularity!

• In 1952, Mr. Potato Head was born!

• The first Great Steak store opened in 1982, but we didn't start franchising until 1985!

• The Cheesesteak is one of the favorite foods of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

• Potatoes became the first food to grow in space when potato plants were taken aboard the space shuttle Columbia in 1995.

• When Great Steak first opened, they were known as "The Great Steak & Fry Company."

• The world’s biggest potato weighed 18 pounds, 4 ounces, according to Guinness Book of World.

• The original Cheesesteak was invented by a hot dog vendor.

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Great Steak - Trivia Day